Pediatric Dentistry

Our General Dentist’s at Flourish Dental love working with kids and all of our staff have a lot of experience working with children.

A high standard of oral health is vital at any stage of your child’s development. Whether it’s their infancy, childhood, or adolescence, Pediatric Dentistry plays a crucial role in:

  • Maintaining hygiene
  • Encouraging proper development
  • Keeping smiles sparkling

You may be thinking that cavity treatment on a temporary tooth is unnecessary; after all, it’s only going to fall out soon anyway! But the truth is that decay on a temporary tooth can spread infection, cause your child pain, and even damage the adult tooth below it! 

As your child’s adult teeth begin to erupt, it’s important that a pediatric dentist keeps them clean and tracks their development. The way they grow will be an indicator of any problems they may face in the future, such as crowding, gaps, or misalignment. If we find a potential issue, we can fix it before it ever appears. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Your teenager’s teeth are fully grown in, but that doesn’t make regular appointments with your pediatric dentist any less important. We can keep your teen’s teeth clean and healthy, and even plan orthodontic treatment for any issues that may have appeared. A teenager’s life is full of difficulties and changes. Having a beautiful smile doesn’t have to be one of them!

Covid-19 Consent

We are taking all necessary COVID-19 safety precautions as advised by the Alberta Dental Association & College. 

Please notify our staff before your appointment if you or someone you are in close contact with have recently traveled outside of Canada or if you have been exposed to someone else who was diagnosed with COVID-19 or who was quarantined as a precaution.

If you have an illness or are exhibiting symptoms, we recommend you cancel and reschedule your dental appointment. Some illness and symptoms include:

• Flu-like symptoms • Fever or Nausea
• Cough • Sore Throat • Shortness of Breath
• Difficulty Breathing or Chest Pain •Runny Nose

Thank you for your cooperation.